Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book an activity?

Booking an activity with OutdoorTrip is super easy!

Just choose the activity you want and then follow the on-screen booking instructions.

Once the booking instructions are completed, you will then need to wait for a confirmation email. The confirmation email will be sent as soon as the activity’s agency approves the date you have chosen. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of days (it all depends on how busy the providing agency is) so please just sit-tight until the confirmation email arrives.

If the time or date you have selected is unavailable, you will receive a proposal for a different time or date. It’s then up to you to choose a new proposed date or to request a refund.

For a further explanation of the booking process, please watch our booking video.

Can I pay when I arrive at the activity, or over the phone?

For peace of mind, we only allow activities to be booked online.

Activities can be booked either by debit or credit card, or with a PayPal account

Which dates are available?

You can choose the time and dates during the booking process.

Be advised that if some dates are unavailable it is because the agency does not offer them.

Who is the provider of the activity?

We handpick agencies from all over the world and select their best activities to offer to you on (and we always offer you the same price that the agency charges).

The actual ‘provider’ of the activity is always the agency. It will be the agency’s tour-guide who will meet you on the day that your activity is booked .

Do you arrange hotel transfers for the activity?

Some activities include hotel pick-up and drop-off. This info is always clearly stated in the activity’s description.

If you have a query about hotel transfers please send us an email to

Do you offer custom-made activities

Not specifically, however if you do have a special request please let us know!

Do you offer packages?

Some OutdoorTrip experiences include more than one “activity” and this is clearly stated in the activity’s description text (for example, if you wanna ride quad bikes, sandboards and camels through the desert all in one day, then you can; we have an experience which offers that).

However, in general we only offer day-trip activities without accommodation.

Who will contact me after I book an activity?

You will be contacted by the organizing agency of the activity. The agency will inform you of the exact time and location to meet.

The contact information of the agency is also stated in the activity booking confirmation email.

If you need help contacting an agency please send us an email to

What should I do in case I need to cancel the booked activity?

Fear not intrepid traveller! We know that things don’t always go to plan and that sometimes you may need to cancel a booked activity. At OutdoorTrip we pride ourselves on having a very straightforward cancellation policy with no shifty business at all.

Each activity has its own cancellation policy clearly listed on its webpage, so it’s all there in black & white for you to see. We always advise that you read the activity’s cancellation policy carefully before booking anything.

In addition to the activity webpage, you will also receive a full cancellation overview in your booking confirmation.

If you have any questions about cancellations please contact us at

If I cancel my booked activity will I get a full refund?

Each activity has its own specific cancellation policy clearly listed on the activity’s webpage. Within the cancellation policy there is information relating to refunds. We always advise that you read the activity’s cancellation policy carefully before booking anything. You can always expect a full refund if you cancel your booking within the stated time-frame. The time-frame varies depending on the activity and agency.

A full refund is always available but only within a specific time-frame, after which it will be a 50% refund or no refund at all. Refunds always depend on the cancellation time-frame that the agency offers, so please read the cancellation policy carefully before booking the activity.

We are only able to issue refunds to the debit or credit card, or PayPal account, which you used to purchase the activity with.

If you have any questions about refunds please contact us at

Does OutdoorTrip organise any activity or experience?

OutdoorTrip SE is not the organizer of this activity. Changes to programs, times or dates can periodically occur. The arrival and departure times are displayed as estimates.

What to do while I had paid with credits and a credit card partially, but my card was refused?

When your card payment was refused, you will not lose your credits. We will refund you the credits and cancel your order. Then you have to place your order once again.