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What is OutdoorTrip?

We are an international “supermarket” reselling activities and trips of our business partners worldwide. Our clients visit our website to find their ideal free time activity wherever they might be. We are here for those with love for adventure and families alike. We offer safe outdoor activities to end customers. We are keen professionals and enthusiasts, real partners for fair play and long-time cooperation. We only keep commission from trips sold through our website.

Why become our partner?

Do you have experience with organizing trips, activities and speak perfect English? Are you oriented in the field of tourism and are you looking for new opportunities to establish business cooperation? Do you want to take advantage of a new sales channel that can boost sales of your activities? If the answer is YES, then contact us! We will assess your website offer in detail and if we find it interesting, we will get back to you. Professional and reliable partners are key to us.

What partners are we looking for?

  • High level of communication with us at OutdoorTrip
  • Very good English-level
  • Inform their resellers about changes on regular basis by emailing
  • Check and if necessary update their activities regularly in our CMS
  • You are responsible for the timely confirmation of the booking request (within 36 hours of its receipt)
  • You are idealy using Bokun, Fareharbor or TourCMS booking software to update your trips

It’s simple.

We will thoroughly assess your application and, after confirming the partnership registration, we will create account for you in our system and help you with the basic setup (OutdoorTrip reserves the right to choose suitable trips).

How much does it cost to have products on OutdoorTrip website.

It´s FREE. We will process and publish your activities for free – you do not pay for quality with us! We only keep commission from trips sold through our website

We send payments for completed orders automatically.

The customer pays us, but we will pay you this amount (minus our commission) automatically after the activity on the payout dates.

Our offer is international.

We present the offer of our partner agencies on social media and through targeted campaigns. We cooperate with large travel agencies and so the possibility of reaching new customers is constantly growing.

How does it work?

After we receive your form, we will assess your website offer in detail and if we find it interesting, we will get back to you.
Together, we will discuss what experiences you can offer, and we will put them on the website.
As soon as someone books your experience, you will confirm its availability and we will confirm the same to the customer.
You can view all your bookings in the system.
Twice every month, we will transfer money from all the customers directly to your account.

Benefits of our partnership

We will enter your activities to OutdoorTrip website for you – free of charge!

  • We enter activities for you, which saves you a lot of time! Furthermore, in case you provide us with high quality data, we make sure that your activities are processed quickly and efficiently.
  • In case that you will supply us high quality content data (activity texts and photos) that meets our product quality standards, we will mark such activities as A-class.
  • Agencies that have A-class activities are being topped and promoted on our website with highest priority. In another words, they are more visible to our customers and more likely to be booked.
  • We will enter your products even when they do not have high quality (copywriting, grammar, photos), but these activities are marked as B-class and these are not eligible to be topped and advertised.
  • You will receive login into our CMS (Content Management System) where you can update your products at any time.
  • Let us know if you are using Bokun, Fareharbor or TourCMS. We can integrate your trips easily.

Our Product Quality Standards

We are a popular international booking website intended for people looking for fun trips from all around the world. We want to bring them high-quality experience in a desired destination. This mission can only be achieved by teaming up with trusted partners (You) with a focus on top customer service. This starts with a captivating and high quality description of your products.

There are some necessities that our partners should keep in mind before we start to input their activities on OutdoorTrip website. You should be able to provide our Content team with the following for each activity:

  • Duration of the activity
  • Link to the activity on your website
  • Full description of the activity
  • What is included / not included
  • Meeting point address
  • Price
  • Supplementary photos (beneficial, but not necessary)
  • Availability (months, days, starting hours)

It will be even better, if you have all of these on your website already! If not, please be ready to cooperate with our Content team which will contact you during the activity input process. The quality of the activities on your website can make an essential difference whether we will make your activities as A-class or B-class. Which in turn leads to higher popularity among our clients. A-class activities:

  • Are marked by our extra quality badge
  • Popularity and Season hit badge
  • Appear on our home page
  • They also usually receive more client reviews

Customer reviews are important

Travelers from all around the world like to share their experiences with the others about their trip. That´s why we love to see customer reviews for the trips we offer through OutdoorTrip website.

  • You can add your customer reviews to each of your activities in our CMS at any time.
  • Activities that receive positive feedbacks and reviews are topped in our website search filters, plus they receive Bestseller badge.
  • They are also reviewed by our Content team and upgraded from B-class to A-class.

What does the whole booking process look like?

We are proud of our in-house CMS which also includes a straight forward booking process.

The entire booking process is designed so that our partner agencies (You) have maximum control over their availability calendar.

The customer who likes the activity on OutdoorTrip website, clicks on booking request and fills in the number of participants, the date and time when they would like to arrive. This is not yet a binding confirmation. At that moment, you will receive an e-mail notification from our system informing that you have a new client interested in that certain activity. You will see number of participants, and date when they would like to do this activity. If you have availability at that given date, you can immediately click on the green button „Confirm booking" found in the email notification. In such case, the client will receive a notification that his reservation has been confirmed and will also receive a PDF voucher with all the information and your agency contact details. You, on the other end, will also receive a confirmation that you have a new confirmed customer and after logging into our CMS will see all the contact details of the customer (phone number, email, name, etc.). From this point the customer is all yours and we ask you to communicate with him regarding further instructions.

If the capacities of the given trip are full on the requested date, you can click on the orange button "Suggest alternative dates" in the notification email. You can select up to three alternative dates and these will be sent to the customer. Customer chooses one of the dates and the booking is confirmed. If the customer does not choose any of the alternative dates, the booking will be cancelled.

This e-mail notification contains all the essential information so that you can assess the availability of requested activity and confirm the deadline no later than 36 hours. If you do not respond within 36 hours, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

We are always happy to communicate with our partner agencies via email, phone, SMS, or WhatsApp.

To learn more about the booking process, you can watch our tutorial video here.

If you are using Bokun, Fareharbor or TourCMS, the booking process is instant for the customer in accordance to your trip availability. The booking will be marked under your account in one of these booking softwares. Super-easy!

Multiple language versions of OutdoorTrip website – reach customers worldwide!

OutdoorTrip website is available in English, Czech, and Slovakian language versions. We are excited to announce that we plan to include even more language versions.

We offer payment in two currencies to our partner agencies so far – either in Euro (EUR) or Czech Crowns (CZK).


Oct 5, 2020
Countryside Adventures (Vietnam)
Great Support Team from OutdoorTrip

Great support team from OutdoorTrip!
Our team is cooperating with OutdoorTrip for our long-term partnership.
We had great and prompt support from OutdoorTrip staff. They followed up on all our concerns to ensure we had a clear understanding of everything.
It's very easy and reliable to build a partnership with OutdoorTrip. We highly recommend OutdoorTrip partnership to everyone who wants to expand local experiences.

Sep 24, 2020
Safanta Tours & Travel Limited (Tanzania)
Extremely Professional Friendly Staff!

Friendly, helpful and hard working. It has been a pleasure working with Diana, Ilona and Michal. We trust them 100%. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Five stars, highly recommend!

Aug 28, 2020
Neza Safaris (Rwanda)
Very professional & friendly staff

We are taking a minute to commend and appreciate the high level of professionalism portrayed by the during the process of listing our products. The entire team (Michal, Ilona & Diana) are remarkably professional and friendly. We are so glad to have joined OutdoorTrip and we shall recommend them to our fellow industry operators.

Mar 18, 2020
Serbia Inspired Tours (Serbia)
Great cooperation and organization!

First of all, we would like to thank you for the amazing support and efficiency for uploading our products on your website. Correspondence was excellent as well as skills Keunhee and Ilona have shown during the process of establishing our products/items on your website. Thanks again for everything and we are looking forward to have a great cooperation with you guys!

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