3 Unforgettable Things To Do in Budapest

1. Budapest history walking tour

Let's follow the footsteps of the most important historical monuments of Budapest and discover the past of this eighth-largest city in the European Union. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know this beautiful capital of Hungary.

You will see Fisherman's Bastion, Matthias Church, Buda Castle, Ybl Bazaar, Chain Bridge, Széchenyi Square, St. Stephen's Basilica, Szabadság Square, Parliament Building and much more.

See the best highlights of this ancient city, monuments and historical buildings that come from different periods and were built in different architectural styles for different purposes.

Join the walking tour with us to discover the Hungarian history and beauty of the "Danube Pearl" as it is nicknamed.

Read more - https://www.outdoortrip.com/budapest-history-walking-tour

What will you experience?

  • A perfect introduction to the city of Budapest
  • Historical monuments of Hungary
  • Information about the history of Budapest

2. Canoeing trip to Southern Budapest nature

One of the most favorite water sports ever is definitely canoeing. With the canoeing trip, you will enjoy not only fun on the river but even some paddling teamwork with your family or friends.

Read more about the private canoe trip in the south of Budapest here https://www.outdoortrip.com/canoeing-trip-to-southern-budapest-nature and you will find this capital has much more to offer than just a historic city center with sights.

The tour guide will pick you up at your hotel or at the airport and drive you to the riverbank. Then they get in canoes and paddle down the river surrounded by amazing nature. Also, you will make a stop for a light picnic and taste some traditional Hungarian goodies like pastries and sparkling wine.

Explore Hungarian nature, relax on the water and maybe even meet beautiful swans!

What will you experience?

  • Water fun
  • Beautiful nature of Southern Budapest
  • Picnic with traditional Hungarian goodies

3. Wildlife adventure in vicinity of Budapest

The unique trip in the wild nature with animals in their natural habitat in the vicinity of Budapest. In the tour, first, you will take a bus and then a short hike. You will be shown the best places for watching Hungarian wildlife from a safe distance.

At dusk, the peaceful evening forest comes to life, and various animals come out. There is a good chance to see 2 or 3 types of large and majestic animals using binoculars until darkness falls.

At the end of the trip, you will enjoy the magical walk through the evening forest. Join the tour and experience this unique and amazing trip yourself - https://www.outdoortrip.com/wildlife-adventure-in-vicinity-of-budapest.

What will you experience?

  • Watch wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Hear the sounds of the evening forest
  • Spend the twilight in the suburban nature