5 Things To Do to Travel Like a Local

Do you like to travel? When you travel, you get a lot of new emotions, experiences, and energy. Going away from routine work for a while, experiencing new things, and seeing wonderful sights...But there are some secret tips and being aware of them before, you will have more authentic travel experiences. They will connect you with locals, their culture, and traditions.

Get to know the place in advance

Do your research before you travel that will make you feel more connected with the place and culture. Also, we recommend choosing several places where you should go, just take a walk, and explore the city with your feelings. Choose only cafes that are full of locals or a concept store that collects a lot of goods from this country. Avoid tourist shops full of overpriced and unnecessary things.

Find a host family / Couchsurfing

Everything changes depending on the culture and the region, and you will not be able to see peoples’ life if you stay only in hotels with a franchise, in which there are few local features. Take a risk and try to find a host family or use CouchSurfing services.

Use public transport

Using public transport is highly recommended. You can see different people, how they commute, and the architecture of transportation as well.

Find locals - find the culture

To find good places, you don’t need to visit certain tourist attractions and restaurants that set tourist prices. Then, apart from tourist spots, how can we find good spots ourselves? Here are some tips. Locals can always offer good places or hidden places. Keep track of blogs or Instagram account and check what they publish.

Also, you can search for some online groups, such as on Facebook. They often share information for people who stay there for a long time or live there under the direction of local residents. In these online groups, you can find more real news and events. Moreover, you may notice some recommendations for Facebook events depending on your location.

Learn a language before or take short languages classes

Sometimes, it would be difficult to learn other languages, but still, the language is one of the main cultural aspects and it’s one of the most important key points for people's lives.

It would be much more pleasant to travel if you could say a few basic phrases in this language, such as “Hello” or “I don’t speak ... Do you speak English?”. Also, English definitely helps to travel. You do not always need to stick to grammar or textbooks.