6 Reasons to Buy Your New Adventure With OutdoorTrip

1. The Easiest Way to Find the Best Experiences all Over the World

Why you should book your next adventure tour with OutdoorTrip?

The first thing you do after deciding when and where you are going to spend your upcoming holidays is to book your transportation (flight, train, bus, car or anything else) and accommodation (hotel, hostel, Couchsurfing, camping or a friend’s house). It all depends on the circumstances, places, personal preferences, and, obviously, your budget. But what most of the people neglect is the experiences they want to have in the chosen locality.

We are not here to blame anyone. Those who want only a relaxing time with some booze on the beach, go for it. We like it too. But if you are reading this article, we guess that you are just like us of OutdoorTrip tribe, and you think life has more to offer than a postal-card-like scenery and a delicious margarita. As we said, these things are cool, but we want to fly, dive, run, jump and more! This is why we are here for you.

2. Comfortable Booking In Advance

Why on Earth should I book my tour on the internet?

This is a big question, but the answer is quite simple: because, first of all, you don’t want to miss that tour which you’re looking forward to taking. Therefore, if you book it in advance, it will be improbable that you will miss it.
This is as simple as that. If you leave to book the activity on the spot, you take considerable risk to wait for hours in endless lines just to see a signal written “no more vacancies” in front of you.

3. Hand-picked & Reliable Activities by Trusted Agencies

But isn’t it risky to book tours on the internet?

This is another critical question. The answer to that is: It depends on where you are booking. We know there are many scammers out there promising to deliver the time of your life. But in reality, they don’t give a damn about you. They want your money, and nothing else.
Contrary to this position, we, from OutdoorTrip (and other serious companies as well), put our clients first. We really want you to have a big-time to remember forever. Each tour you find on our platform is hand-picked by our team to make sure the providers are reliable, offer our clients the best possible experience, and that they take care of your health and safety.

4. The Same Prices as in Any Agency

Isn’t it more expensive?

Not at all. Our prices are exactly the same than our providers. We are paid by them according to our contract of service provision. Everybody wins clients, providers, and us.

5. Trusted Project Supported by Investors and Community in Prague, Czech Republic

How can I know that OutdoorTrip is a reliable platform?

First of all, we are very easy to find on the internet or in our office in Prague. You can find our contacts and address on our platform, and we are always very responsive to our clients. Whether you want to know more about a tour or simply prefers to check on us in advance, you can reach us through our customer service channels. Usually, scammers don’t have any channel to contact them.
Besides that, OutdoorTrip counts with big investors that put their money and faith on our project, because we have a fantastic project conducted by competent and talented people, and, most of all, we are committed with you. Again, you are on the top of our priority list.

6. 100% Money-back Guaranteed

Ok, but what if something goes wrong?

It is doubtful that something wrong is going to happen with you during your tours with us, but things may not go exactly like you and we have planned. It could be the weather, you can get sick, our provider could face personal trouble or something we can’t predict. Anyway, for situations like these ones, we have a cancelation policy which states the conditions each activity has to reimburse you.
Most of the time, you can cancel the trip within 48 hours for a 100% money-back guaranteed. No explanation needed. From our side, if the weather conditions are adverse or if we face an issue of any other nature, we also guarantee you a full reimbursement. Otherwise, check the terms and conditions of your tour to know more about it. And never forget that we are here for you. Any doubt just calls on us and we will sort things out.

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