Egypt — a place where dreams come true

Hurghada, as the largest tourist port city in Egypt, offers its visitors open arms full of experiences for all the senses.

This originally fishing village has undergone a gradual, yet intense, tourism boom. One of the warmest climates in the world, the endless sandy beaches and the rich underwater world of the Red Sea have made Hurghada a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

Although the city does not offer its visitors any historical monuments, it provides a perfect background with a diverse range of services. In any case, it brings a unique opportunity to take a closer look at the traditional way of life of the locals. So come with us to experience what true Arabian hospitality looks like!

During your stay in Hurghada, don't forget to visit the marina as well (admission is free). A place that never sleeps will draw you in with its lively atmosphere. This picturesque harbor has a capacity of up to 200 yachts. The beautiful promenade, lined with countless excellent restaurants, bars and shops, is a place for a wonderful afternoon or evening. It should be noted that this place has a unique charm, especially in the evening.

Near the marina is a beautiful mosque El Mina with its two minarets, a symbol of modern Arabic architecture in Hurghada. Where else to taste seafood than around the port. You can choose from a large number of restaurants, where fish delicacies are prepared with guaranteed fresh ingredients and in a traditional way. The concert of flavors and aromas can begin!

What you must not miss when visiting Egypt, of course, is the opportunity to see one of the ancient Egyptian monuments. Thanks to its strategic location, you can comfortably set off from Hurghada on one of our trips.

We definitely recommend taking a day trip to Luxor and the Karnak Temple or the Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara.

Come with us to the largest temple complex that mankind has ever built. Karnak is a place directly interwoven with history and legends. The mysterious Valley of the Kings, or burial ground of the pharaohs, has rightly been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

If you want to see breathtaking architecture of ancient Egyptian temples, you should also visit Abydos and Dendera temples on our full-day trip.

See for yourself why the pyramids have become one of the seven wonders of the world. These magical structures will enchant you with their mystical symbolism and unique atmosphere. The great sphinx in Giza, symbolizing the power of the lion, is the largest statue ever carved from a single piece of stone and will definitely take your breath away with its majesty.

On all trips you will be accompanied by our incredibly nice guide Ashraf, who will take care of your comfort and safety at all times. He will make sure that you will bring from the trips not only a lot of beautiful photos, but above all a pleasant experience! Ashraf is looking forward to take you to places where time has stopped.

And in case you you can't go on a trip, definitely visit the new Museum in Hurghada, which boasts more than two thousand exhibits that were originally located in Cairo, and some of them were even only in the depository. A total of eleven thematic units are tastefully arranged in spacious halls. You will have enough time to enjoy every detail of the exhibit. The most rare piece is a bust of Princess Meret Amun, daughter of Ramses II, whose likeness you will find throughout Egypt. You can also admire part of Tutankhamun's treasure, which recently toured exhibitions around the world. You could see the treasure in London, for example, where the exhibition was a huge success. However, do not delay visiting the museum, as Tutankhamun's treasure is temporarily located in Hurghada and then moves back to the Great Egyptian Museum in Giza after its opening.

In the next part of our Egyptian journey from the popular Hurghada, all lovers of action and adventure can set off with us on a journey for adrenaline experiences!