Worldee – Trip Planner and Travel Diary in one

Do you love planning your trips ahead of time, exploring new places, and taking photos? If your answer is yes, you probably have many pictures from your past trips and drafted future travel plans. Don’t you wish there was an app perfectly tailored for exactly those needs? Well, now there is one – Worldee – a web and a mobile application for Android and iOS that combines travel inspiration, trip planning, and travel diary in one.

Worldee as a modern travel diary in your pocket

What is Worldee, and how to use it? In short, Worldee is a modern travel diary that fits into your laptop or phone and follows you throughout your journey. Here you can save all your travel memories and map out your itinerary. Once you are back from travels, you can easily show your photos to your friends and family using the easy set-up slideshow. And then, as travel never stops, you can plan your next trip and get inspired by other travelers.

Worldee website,

Worldee also solves many problems modern tourists have today. As we travel so often, we usually forget places and countries we’ve been to a long time ago, but Worldee helps keep track of all journeys we’ve experienced. Your travel history is always just a couple of taps or clicks away, right there in your Worldee profile.

On top of that, we usually take a billion photos during our trips, but now with Worldee you can store these images forever. As a bonus, they are organized by time and place by automatically creating a trip timeline. The slideshow option allows you to share your travel stories with friends and family by showing your best travel photos, itinerary maps, and timeline all in one place. And when you don’t know where to go next – you can always find travel inspiration in the Worldee community of travelers.

Planning the next trip with ease

The first useful feature that Worldee provides is the Trip planner. The Worldee trip planner allows you to create a plan yourself and share it with your friends by adding them as collaborators. Quit using notepads and pencils, online documents, and having a million open browser windows just to plan your trips ahead. Switch to Worldee!

Worldee trip planner,

Start by giving your trip a name and set the dates when you will travel; you can either use exact dates, ranges or just pick a month if you’re not sure about the dates yet, then list all the places you want to visit throughout this journey, maybe leave a comment or two for later. Next, get to the itinerary and map your trip! You can add the places you want to visit and how you want to travel between them, via which cities and with what method of transportation, be it a bus, train, car, or plane.

Once you have your journey mapped out, don’t forget to check all your necessary documents and arrangements before the trip. You can easily create a checklist of the items you’ll need for your trip, for example, arranging a visa, buying insurance, or renting a car, making sure you don’t forget anything.

Worldee’s Trip Planner also allows you to customize the privacy settings, should you wish to share the trip only with your followers or just keep it to yourself.

Do you think of visiting some country but don’t know about all the beautiful places worth seeing there? Then make sure to get inspired by trips of other Worldee travelers! The trip planner checks recorded trips of others that include cities or countries you have in your wishlist and shows you their itineraries. Sounds cool, right? Planning your next trip has never been so fun and easy!

Travel inspiration in the Worldee trip planner,

Travel memories available anytime, anywhere

Do you know how many countries you have visited until now? When we get such a question, we usually start remembering and counting, and for sure we’ll forget one country or two. But with Worldee, you won’t need to count in your head anymore. Instead, simply track all your trips under your profile and create a beautiful travel map for everyone to see.

Worldee travel map based on the profile,

Worldee allows you to easily record a trip from last week or from many years ago. Start with uploading photos from your journey. If you upload images straight from your phone or camera, Worldee will recognize the time and place where the photo was taken and create a trip itinerary automatically. In addition, you can adjust your trip and modify the dates of the visit, should you wish to do so. You can also create a journey manually by adding places you have visited and attaching photos to them.

Make sure to record all places and cities you’ve visited to see the full map of your trip! The Worldee travel diary allows you to report your trip day by day, locating the places you’ve been to and transportation methods you’ve used between these places. For the best travel memories, try to add at least one photo next to each place you’ve listed. This way, once you want to tell a story about your trip, you can easily create a Slideshow made out of all these photos shown chronologically.

Trip report in Worldee,

As you record your past trips under your Worldee profile, the travel map will be getting more and more colorful. The main page of your profile will also show how many countries you’ve visited, how many trips in total you’ve done, and amount of photos and videos uploaded. You’ll see the list of most visited countries and a selection of the best images that your followers liked the most. All these features are available to you under one roof, right in your pocket in the Worldee app, or in your desktop browser.

Connect with travelers alike

The last feature worth mentioning is Worldee’s social features. Here you’re not just creating a travel report of the trip you’ve had; you’re also getting in touch with like-minded travelers who visited places you’ve been to or just dream of going to. In Worldee, you can follow other travelers, leave comments under their photos, and like their trips. And, in the same way, they will like yours!

If you like to travel, have many travel memories worth sharing, and enjoy planning your next trips then Worldee is a must have tool for you. Share your photos, add all places and countries you’ve seen, and plan future journeys. Get in touch with passionate travelers like yourself, and don’t stop traveling!

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