World’s Most Underrated European Seasides in 2019

1. Ploumanac'h, Perros‑Guirec, Northern France

Perros with its 13-kilometer coastline and three beautiful sandy beaches is a paradise for families and lovers of water sports.

Around the corner is Ploumanac’h, a former fishing village that has become a magnet for vacationers. It offers visitors an almost incredible view with its pink cliffs: impressive masses of stone sculptured by the sea and the wind. Exceptionally beautiful natural seaside.

The city on the banks of pink granite. Huge boulders lay both on the shore and higher on the ground. This lighthouse was created in 1800. However, it was destroyed in 1944 but repaired by 1948. To get to it, you will have to climb over a rocky path that can be stuffy at high tide.

2. Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

It is considered the most famous beach of the Adriatic Sea in Bol, which is located on the southern coast of the island of Brac. This beach is one of the most famous tourism symbols of Croatia. It is a pebble cape, about a thousand feet long. This is due to the fact that it is surrounded by its forests, consisting of pines, oaks and other trees.

Summer days allow you to enjoy the coolness on hot and dry days. On the beach, there is a playground for children and a restaurant. Climatic conditions are ideal for water sports, there are diving and several surfing schools. The beach is very attractive for lovers of water sports. International water races are held here.

The Golden Cape is located two kilometers from the city center. In addition to cars, you can reach a small tourist town. The hotel has a shower, drinking water, a bar, a restaurant, and a tennis court.

3. Porto Santo Beach, Madeira, Portugal

The 9-kilometer beach, with an extensive and uninterrupted coastline with fine golden sands, gave the island the popular name “Golden Island”, becoming its trademark and the main icon, together with its unique crystal clear turquoise blue warm waters, make it a unique heritage in our country and rare all over the world.

Discover an oasis of rest and relaxation in Porto Santo, surrounded by well-being and health, enjoying the perfect beach for a perfect holiday, allowing yourself to be lulled by the sound of waves and caressing the sand that fights all ailments of modern life.

4. Gjipe Bay, Albania

Gjipe Beach is a perfect sunny beach, which is located in the lower part of the mountain canyon between Dhërmi and Vuno, and 15 km from Himara. The coast there is sandy and perfectly clean. Also, there is Canyon of Gjipe that has a length of 800 meters and a width that can vary between 10 meters and 20 meters.

5. Torrent De Pareis, Mallorca, Spain

The Torrent De Pareis beach is surrounded by a deep canyon. This place is considered as the best choice for impressive gorge walks in the Mediterranean and without a doubt the most sought after hiking tour in Mallorca. However, many people overlook the beach near that has a wonderful view of the clearest water.

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