7 Fairy-tale Castles In Czech Republic

1. Litomysl Castle (Zámek Litomyšl)

The medieval castle of Litomyšl, the family nest of the Pernštejn family, was built in the Renaissance style. Majestic gables and elegant arcades, the facade decorated with graffiti, romantic garden and mysterious dungeons.

Litomyšl’s palace is a celebration of the Renaissance in Czech architecture. Since 1999, this magnificent architectural complex, along with the castle grounds, has been on the UNESCO list as one of the best renaissance ensembles in Europe. Litomyšl Castle (Zámek v Litomyšli) impresses connoisseurs of architecture with its sublime appearance: elegantly stepped gables, arcades, skillful facade graffiti, and a romantic park. Immaculately built palace perfectly preserved to this day.

For visitors, additional tours of the underground tunnels laid under the palace buildings and the park are held. In the arena of the castle is a museum of ancient art.

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2. Hluboka Castle

Many tourists come to the south of the Czech Republic solely for the inspection of the castle Hluboká nad Vltavou. This castle will not leave you indifferent - you will surely fall in love with it.

In the south of the Czech Republic, 140 km from Prague, is located one of the most beautiful and interesting castles in Europe - Hluboká nad Vltavou. Many tourists come to this region solely to explore this attraction.

The castle Hluboka nad Vltavou will not leave you indifferent - you will surely fall in love with it. The history of the fortress dates back to the 13th century. True, at that time it has a different name - Frauenberg - and it looked very different from the castle that is nowadays. In the 17th century, Hluboká nad Vltavou was taken over by the Schwarzenberg family.

As soon as you enter the territory of the castle park, it will seem to you that you have fallen into a fairy-tale. A well-kept park deserves close attention: rare species of trees grow here, there are several ponds and even a hunting castle Fence. During the reconstruction of the castle, 12 thousand trees and 2,180 bushes were planted here. Changes have undergone a huge area - almost 200 kilometers.

After a walk in the fresh air, you will find yourself in Hluboké nad Vltavou itself. Each floor here had its own purpose. For the chores, the lowest floor was allotted, there was a kitchen, warehouses, and rooms of servants. On the first, the castle owner Jan Adolf II Schwarzenberg lived, and a hunting hall was also located.

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3. Cervena Lhota Castle

Červená Lhota (Červená Lhota) is one of the most fabulous and photogenic Czech castles. The red color of the walls and the location on a rocky island make it unusual and unforgettable. There is no better place for an educational weekend or a romantic date.

Červená in translation from Czech means “red”. Lhota is the name of many villages and urban areas founded in the times of the developed Middle Ages on the territory of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia when the inhabitants of the new settlements had certain duties before the feudal lord.

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4. Svojanov Castle

The oldest castle of Svoyanov (Zámek Svojanov) is located in the middle of the forest above the valley of the Krzhetinka river, not far from the town of the same name in the Svitavy region (Pardubice region). This is the only castle in the Czech Republic, in which the Gothic has something in common with the Empire.

Once upon a time, the castle of Svoyanov was an important point on the map. In the XIV century, it was highly appreciated by Charles IV. However, the fate of the castle was not easy. Due to the numerous destruction that occurred in it, today we cannot see the castle in its original form.

In the interiors of the castle, you can see the original ceiling empire paintings, a medieval torture chamber and the House of squires.

You can relax in the complex in the beautiful Gothic garden with a romantic atmosphere. In addition, many cultural festivals are held in Svoyanov.

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5. Nové Hrady Castle

The Nové Hrady is located on the territory of the Pardubice region. There are several cities with such a name in the Czech Republic, so it is very important not to make a mistake and arrive in the right place for us. The local castle is surprising and marvelous. This is a luxurious palace in the French style, to which a large alley with ornamental trimmed cypresses leads. Around the castle is a French park with small bushes and gravel paths. The purpose of the creation of the French park was the organization of space from wherever the palace could be seen - the main treasure of this complex.

The Nové Hrady Palace was erected in the rococo style in the second half of the 18th century. Its founder and the first owner was an aristocrat Jean-Antoine Harbuval de Chamaret, who invited talented architect Joseph Jager to design his residence.

The castle passed from hand to hand several times, and after 1948 it was confiscated in favor of the state. In 1989, he was returned to the grandson of the last owner, who put the palace up for sale. Finally, in 1997, the Nové Gradi complex was acquired by Magda and Peter Kuchera from Prague, who reconstructed the palace and opened the palace to the public.

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6. Hrubá Skála Chateau

A visit to the nature reserve Hrubá Skala with its unique landscape and medieval castle leaves memorable impressions and delightful photos that evoke the same emotions every time you view them.

Compact and low castle buildings form a small rectangular courtyard. Here, along the perimeter, are located both the church, and the service premises, and the actual residential area, which in recent years has been converted into a hotel. The walls of the courtyard are lavishly covered with ivy, giving coziness to the interior space. From the outside of the castle walls, there is a viewing platform, which is also used as an open veranda of the restaurant. Given the location of the castle, the views from this site are inimitable.

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7. Karlštejn Castle

The gothic castle Karlštejn is one of the most beautiful and visited castles of the Czech Republic. Thanks to its proximity to Prague, it’s easy to go to Karlštejn by yourself.

Karlstejn Castle was built by the Czech King Charles IV in 1365 to hold royal regalia and holy relics. Despite the long history, Karlštejn is not included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The reason for this is the reconstruction of 1910, which changed its appearance. Nevertheless, Karlštejn Castle is located on the famous route Burgenstrasse (Castle Road), connecting 90 castles of the Czech Republic and Germany, enjoys the same popularity and love of tourists.

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